Hiring A Competent SEO Company

achieve success onlineEvery sole proprietor or business establishment wants to be on the first page of search engines. This to the business means a boost in website visits, increased brand awareness and a possible rise in sales and profits. However, not everyone has the necessary SEO skills to make this happen; hence they will require the credible services of SEO experts to make it happen.

There are various SEO companies around but not every one of them can give value or results for the money invested. This prompts one to be diligent in searching for an SEO expert. Here are some tips to help you select only the best digital marketing professionals while avoiding scammers.

What to look for in a quality SEO Expert


Before hiring a potential SEO professional, they should first show a list of clients they have worked for before. By seeing their past work, it is possible to gauge their effectiveness in SEO. As the saying goes, ‘The customer is always right’, the reviews one receives from past clients will make or break the decision whether to hire a particular SEO firm and the results speak for themselves. If the potential marketer has any issue with presenting past work, this could be a red flag to consider looking for another option.

What Skills Will Be Applied?

Avoid those SEO companies that refuse to disclose the methods they intend to use in promoting your website ranking. A good online-presence expert will give a clear strategy on how they intend to build a website’s presence and give a realistic timeline when the fruits of their efforts will become noticeable. Of course these results take time, especially now with Google taking additional time to consider the quality of links and traffic to the site, but a good rough estimate should still be available.

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Understand Your Needs

When a business seeks SEO services, it could be for the purposes of link building or link removal, retargeting, SEO audit, managing business reputation, ongoing release of SEO content or simple content marketing. As a business venturing into SEO for the first time, it may not be easy explaining these needs to a marketing expert; however, from your first meeting, they should be able to pick up what the end goal is and even suggest more options to be able to achieve those goals.

SEO Experts Should Be Realistic

Has the SEO expert guaranteed you that your website will rank first on search engines? Businesses should be keen on how the potential partner answers this question and any online marketing firm that claims they can do this with a guarantee are scammers. The truth is, no SEO expert can guarantee a top ranking since they are not in control of the algorithm used by Google or Bing. What you can receive a guarantee on is that you will receive what you paid for – the work that has been agreed upon and the quality of that work, with a reasonable expectation that your online presence, and bottom-line will improve as a result. A quality and reputable SEO company will apply the right search-optimization tools to your website and follow verified and approved search engine guidelines to comply with Google’s or Bing’s terms of service at all times.

Hiring SEO professionals may not be easy, but the above insights should point or guide you to the right providers. If you are located in the Vancouver or Fraser Valley areas such as Chilliwack or Abbotsford, consider the top SEO and digital marketing professionals at Wynquest Technical Solutions Ltd. Visit their website for more information on how they can help you achieve a new level of success in your market online at http://www.vancouverbcseo.ca