Kelowna SEO for Plumbers

seo words webMany people use the Internet for local business marketing and solutions for their problems. In order for your business to be seen, you will need to employ some SEO techniques. These tips and tricks will help your business’ website jump up to the first page of search results creating more traffic and clients.

Local Directory Listings

Get listed in the local director since this is the best way for Google to display your business’ information when people search for local plumbers. Double check that the information that Google presents is accurate and up-to-date. If it were not correct, this can hurt your search engine rankings.

Social Butterfly

Creating and updating a social media account can do wonders for your business. People can leave reviews, comments or feedback and you can easily answer their questions or follow up with a problem. You can also create coupons or special offers that users get in return for liking your page. Posting pictures of new products or services is also another great way to get people interested in your business.

Choose Keywords Carefully

Keywords are extremely important when prepping your site for SEO. Put yourself in your future client’s shoes: what words or phrases would they type into a search engine in order to find a plumber? If you were a plumber in Kelowna, you may consider using keywords like “Kelowna plumber, fix pipes Kelowna”, etc. When you put the location as part of your keywords, you will draw in a larger audience.

When you are planning your website, make sure that it is SEO friendly. This way, current and future clients are able to find your website easily while performing an Internet search. Plumbers can have a lot of competition within their town so SEO can be a good way to stand out from the crowd.

Still struggling with your SEO? Consider hiring a Kelowna SEO professional to do the work for you.